(The Office of the Adjutant General was created by Chapter XVIII, Section 7 of the Laws of 1860)



Benjamin Smith Brunswick County 1806-1807

Edward Pasteur Craven County 1807-1808

Calvin Jones Wake County 1808-1812

Robert Williams Surry County 1812-1821

Beverly Daniel Wake County 1821-1840

Robert Williams Haywood Wake County 1840-1857

Richard C. Cotten Chatham County 1857-1860

John F. Hoke Lincoln County 1860-1861

James G. Martin U.S. Army, formerly of

Pasquotank County 1861-1863

Daniel G. Fowle Wake County 1863

Richard C. Gatlin U.S. Army, formerly of

Lenior County 1864-1865

John A. Gilmer, Jr. Guilford County 1866-1868

Abiel W. Fisher Bladen County 1868-1872

John C. Gorman Wake County 1872-1877

Johnstone Jones Wake County Jan. 1877 –Dec. 1888

James Dodge Glenn Guilford County Jan 1889 –

Francis H. Cameron Wake County 1893-1896

Andrew D. Cowles Iredell County Feb. 1897–Dec. 1898

Beverly S. Royster Granville County Dec. 1898-Dec. 1904


Thomas R. Robertson Mecklenburg County Jan. 1905-Mar. 1909

Joseph F. Armfield Iredell County Apr. 1909-Oct.1910

Roy L. Leinster Iredell County Nov. 1910-Aug. 1912

Gordon Smith Wake County Nov. 1912-Jan.1913

Lawrence W. Young Buncombe County Jan. 1913-Jun. 1916

Sep. 1917-Aug. 1918

Beverly S. Royster Granville County Jun. 1916-Aug. 1917

Sep. 1918-Jun. 1920

J. Van B. Metts Wake County Jun. 1920-Jul. 31, 1951

Thomas B. Longest Wake County formerly

(Actg) of Biscoe,Va. Aug.1-Sep 30, 1951

John Hall Manning Durham County Oct. 1, 1951-Aug. 16, 1957

Capus Waynick Guilford County Aug. 16, 1957-Jan.31, 1961

Claude T. Bowers Halifax County Feb. 1, 1961-Jan. 31, 1970

Ferd L. Davis Lenoir County Feb. 1, 1970-Feb. 16, 1973

William M. Buck Robeson County Jun. 1, 1973-Feb.28, 1975

Clarence B. Shimer Dare County Mar. 1, 1975-Apr. 25, 1977

William E. Ingram Pasquotank County

Born in Richmond, Va. Apr. 26, 1977- Oct. 16, 1983

Hubert M. Leonard Candor, Montgomery County Oct. 17, 1983-Sep. 30, 1985

Charles E. Scott Wake County Oct. 1, 1985-Mar. 5, 1989

Nathaniel H Robb Jr. Columbia, SC Mar. 6, 1989-Apr. 4 1993

Gerald A. Rudisill, Jr. Badin, Stanly County Apr. 5, 1993–Jul. 15, 2001

William E. Ingram Jr. Pasquotank County Jul. 16, 2001-Current

Updated by LTC Richard M. Brown, JFHQ-NC Command Historian on 17 August 2005.